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Christopher Riley | Principal OD Performance Partners

About Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley has more than 25 years of experience owning and operating businesses in nearly a dozen industries. This experience provides Christopher with a solid foundation for knowing how to listen to his clients so "their" plan is executed accordingly. Christopher treats every business as if it were his own.


Chris is also the Managing Partner of Cutwater Shift, a company that specializes in preserving and multiplying equity for its clients through exit strategy transitions. Chris works closely with fellow business owners to ensure that they do not leave any equity on the table when considering an exit strategy.


Christopher's undergraduate education from Santa Clara University and the London School of Economics produced degrees in Finance and Philosophy. He received his Master's in Organizational Psychology at Kansas State University where he created his proprietary Natural Motivation Matrix© and Giving Profile©.


Christopher is also the founder of the Giving Legacy organization, which works with family and corporate foundations for those who wish to make a difference in philanthropy but want a business mind and experience in ensuring that the organization will remain sustainable. His ability to bring business acumen, accountability, and results-oriented strategies into the big business of America's philanthropic and governmental organizations is a much needed resource as America is facing difficult decisions going forward. Collaborating with family foundations, philanthropists, charitable organizations, and government agencies is a key to our country continuing to lead the world in innovation, economic power, and intentional philanthropy. Christopher’s multi-faceted experience lends itself to orchestrating such a collaboration. He works directly with foundations, family offices, and businesses of these entities. Christopher operates in a CEO capacity or as a high-level consultant to bring efficiency, effectiveness, and creative solutions to ensure that wealthy donors can have healthy, thriving businesses and ultimately make the difference that they desire in our society.



Areas of Expertise

• Business Development

• Change Management

• Competitive Analysis

• Culture Change

• Executive Coaching

• Executive Leadership

• Exit Strategies

• Family and Corporate Foundations

• Family Office Management

• Leadership Development

• Management Consulting

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• New Leader Integration

• Operations Management

• Organizational Assessment

• Organizational Psychology

• Philanthropy Management

• Risk Management

• Strategic Planning




"That's what we do:

we come in, we give them the salability profile ... We are their partners and we walk them through the whole process, get them to their optimum value and that's the way to sell a business."

Christopher Riley

What Others Are Saying About Christopher:

Experience and Skills





His customized incentive programs and proprietary organizational psychology system,coupled with his financial management skills, allows him to turn companies from modest or no profits, to robust earnings. He has tripled EBITDA while doubling compensation to employees and executives in one of his companies.




• Kansas State University

Master's, Organizational Psychology

• Santa Clara University

BS, Finance

• London School of Economic

Economic Public Policy, Health Care


• Author of the Giving Legacy Plan, a 35 year 25 trillion dollar plan rebuilding America one

sustainable community at a time.

• Interim CEO

• Christopher specializes in challenging circumstances and works with business owners to

get their business to the next level - whether that be a recapitalization and turnaround

or an exit strategy.



• While at Kansas State University, developed the first psychological assessment tool

that correlates Organizational Personality Traits (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) with

specific and customized job description components




• Bringing fiscal responsibility back to America and building one sustainable community at

a time so the Children of Tomorrow have their unalienable right to life, liberty and the

pursuit of happiness

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