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The OD Performance Partners organizational development team has over 80 years of combined experience.


 We have reshaped unproductive cultures, reenergized demoralized teams, rebuilt dysfunctional operations, guided the selection and hiring of thousands of best-fit executives and employees, and improved processes and profits by hundreds of millions of dollars. We hold our clients names in strict confidentiality unless they give explicit permission to use their company’s name. Some of our engagements include:


Took a 1,000+ person, hundred-million dollar company under investigation

and created an industry leading compliance system, increasing profits by 44% in the midst

of severe adversity. Put 120 key leaders, executives and employees through intense executive

coaching and seminar workshops which changed the culture from misrepresentation to a

culture where the auditors for the industry concluded in their compliance report:


” we concur, that interested parties understand the extent of the efforts being undertaken by it to be a leader in the industry and to set an example of what companies must do to meet the letter and spirit of the law, as well as the best practices being encouraged by the state attorneys general. A sincere dedication to regulatory compliance permeates the company’s current business practices. It is our belief that if all companies meet these standards,consumers will have a level of comfort and security knowing that their interests are being well looked after.”




Created a behavioral scientific system of hiring in one of the largest construction engineering companies in the world to identify functional competencies for seven divisions and trained hundreds of managers to implement the system in London and across the US.


Redesigned the FMLA/STD process for Magellan Health Services, the largest

provider of mental health services in the US. Automated the FMLA manual which resulted in reduced costs, errors and processing time.



>Health Care

Created the first leadership development program for Correctional

Medical Services, the largest provider of healthcare to jails and prisons in the US. The program identified high potential managers and connected them with mentors for their development. The mentors were selected and trained through this program. The result was faster growth for the high potential managers and lower turnover among this group.

Tripled profits and doubled total compensation with the same volume of workers over a three-year period.

Worked through the tragic events of September 11, 2001 with swift business model shifts. Retrained staff on-the-fly while camaraderie and company loyalty motivated employees and customers alike.


Turned around a failing real estate company by eliminating poor leadership and

changing the culture from cutting corners to achieve high margins to quality implementation with smaller margins but increased volume and consistency which led to a higher pricing model and eventual profitability.


>Real Estate

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