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The culture of an organization is critically important to individual, team and overall business

success. Organizational culture provides a sense of identity for employees. It enhances

commitment to the organization’s mission, clarifies and reinforces standards of behavior,

defines boundaries between one organization and others, and enhances the stability of the

social system. A truly innovative culture cultivates engagement and enthusiasm, challenges

employees to take risks, fosters learning and growth (personally and professionally), and

encourages independent thinking. The effects of culture – whether positive or negative

– includes the length of an employee’s employment, the “fit” of an employee with the

organization, and the overall performance for both the individual and the organization.

Organizational culture management is essential for effective and impactful change. Resolving cultural issues is one of the toughest tasks to accomplish, yet it is one of the key elements for successful change – whether stabilizing and enhancing your organization for lasting success or priming your organization for a merger or acquisition. At OD Performance Partners, we have years of experience guiding culture change.


There are three important elements that we start with identifying in our culture management assessment:

ODPP - Culture Change Management


Your Vision:



understanding where your organization is and where you want to go together





Your Mission:



determining what your organization does together




Guiding Behavioral Principles:


how executive leadership expects your associates to



There must be a clear connection between the target culture and the overarching strategy of the organization. With a clear understanding of the target culture and individual behaviors, leaders can then more effectively influence employees with their own behavior and by how they reward the targeted behaviors of the employees. One the employees are committed to change, shine a spotlight on their achievements so that others get the message. 

The Bottom Line: Culture is

Directly Responsible for Results

The results your organization is attaining are those produced by your current culture. If your organization is achieving desired results, then you currently have a strong culture that produces what you want the way you want. On the flip side, if your organization is not achieving the desired results, or if those results are at risk, then your culture needs to change. The bottom line is: your organization’s culture is completely responsible for the results you are achieving, and leaders are entirely accountable for that culture. At OD Performance Partners, we look at the changes and transformations that are needed in order to hit the objectives/goals/targets of the organization. We use a holistic, culture-oriented approach to change for the best results. Performing a culture diagnostic, identifying the key critical behaviors, capitalizing on employee pride and dedication, engaging in effective storytelling, and leveraging informal peer networks are just a few of rungs to climb on the ladder of positive change. Are you supporting a culture of innovation in your organization or stifling it? Contact OD Performance Partners today to discuss a culture assessment for your organization.


ODPP - Culture Change

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