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ODPP specializes in preparing businesses for mergers and acquisitions

by working closely with all strategic entities, and specifically with the investment banking firm. As the business is improving to its optimum value, ODPP works closely with the leadership, employees and the wealth management advisors to ensure that the holistic nature of the merger or acquisition is as seamless as possible. We work hard to ensure that our clients do not leave millions of dollars of equity on the table. Unfortunately, traditional merger and acquisition implementations have several pitfalls that can destroy value.


At ODPP, we work with experts in each industry vertical

and combat the lost value through our specialized and integrated approach.

ODPP M&A Experts


Many M&A Deals Fail to Add Value

The mergers & acquisitions industry has gone through a difficult time. KPMG studies reveal that 83% of mergers do not add value to shareholders and billion-dollar deals such as AOL-Time Warner, Daimler-Chrysler and many others were failures according to their own principals. Shortly after the mergers were completed, the companies lost serious value and years later wrote off billions.

ODPP Expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions
ODPP Mergers and Acquisitions Experts

The ODPP Difference

If a company is wanting to exit their business in the near future, it is important to identify the changes that will be most attractive to the industry and the acquiring entities. This is one of the differences with ODPP: We don’t just help a company change because we can, we identify the right changes and implement them so the ownership can realize their optimum enterprise value upon transaction.


Our partners have "shifted" the Mergers & Acquisitions model and reversed it. With the proprietary Merger Precision ℠ system, ODPP is paving the road for the new Merger & Acquisition recovery of American businesses. We begin with the end in mind, seek first to understand, then we do our research to identify the ideal vision for our clients. We then begin crafting a customized turnaround and merger implementation plan to prepare the business for the impending investment banking transaction.




Our mission is to activate and realize our clients' optimal value by driving improved business results, overcoming challenges and eliminating vulnerabilities. With "culture shock" destroying value in merged entities, ODPP is on the cutting edge by preparing companies for the new Mergers & Acquisitions industry.

"Shift" the M&A Industry

ODPP Exit Transition Strategies M&A

Exit Transition Strategies


As a company prepares for an exit transition, there are several critical areas that can break down which disrupts the functionality of the organization, erodes enterprise value, and threatens the success of the transition itself. KPMG performed a study on over 100 cross-border mergers and acquisitions and found that 83% did not add any value to the shareholders in the long run. 53% actually destroyed value. The study outlined the main sources for this destruction and the majority of the issues involved organizational breakdowns among management and employees before, during and after the transaction.


Download KPMG Study

Listed below are OD Performance Partner’s specific solutions to these organizational breakdowns:

Problem (P) / Solution (S)


P: Executives and employees suffer from preoccupation of how the transaction is going to affect

their job security.


S: ODPP works closely with all key leaders and executives with a business coaching program that

implements incentive plans, communication workshops and efficiency metrics that keeps all

executives focused on the stated goals and objectives.


P: Multiple directives and change can sever trust and efficiency when new executives enter the



S: ODPP implements an extensive onboarding program coupled with vision and mission workshops

to bring departments, divisions and the entire company under a unified vision focused on the stated

goals and objectives.


P: The five dysfunctions of a team book written by Pat Lencioni outlines how an absence of trust,

fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results are the

top five issues that can contribute to operational breakdown and merger failure.


S: ODPP implements safeguards to all five of these dysfunctions upon arrival and remains with the

company months after the implemented transaction has completed to ensure a smooth transition.


P: The KPMG study identified six keys to unlocking value in a merger or acquisition. 100% of the

companies that focused on all six were part of the 17% that added value to the shareholders.


S: ODPP focuses on all six keys, including the three soft keys implemented by our organizational

development division which are choosing the right executive team, resolving cultural issues and

solid communication.


P: After a transaction where ownership changes hands, efficiency and sustainable growth are many

times severely affected.


S: ODPP is always focused on the improved entity so the acquiring entity can inherit a growing and

focused operational system that can be easily integrated into their existing systems. Without a

liaison focusing on both systems, this step is often mismanaged, which creates a difficult transition

period that can lead to reduced efficiency and profitability.

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