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Organizational Assessment

Organizational development (OD) is the practice of creating and changing an organization’s culture so that people are better able to achieve the organization’s mission. The OD Performance Partners team provides an overview of your organization’s culture. We analyze the information and determine what is working and what isn’t working. We identify your major pain areas. We also identify the key metrics to measure success. Our team then establishes an action plan to address the major issues and over time, we can utilize the metrics to attain success and achieve the organization’s mission and goals.


ODPP - Organizational Assessment
ODPP - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Our team at OD Performance Partners establishes or readjusts your company’s mission and vision. We identify the roadblocks and barriers keeping the company stuck and develop action plans, goals and objectives to get company to its optimum performance. We then determine where the company should go and provide our strategic recommendations to you.


Process Improvement

Process improvement is fundamental to business management. The only ways an operation can perform better are to improve its processes, improve its people or both. OD Performance Partners analyzes your business’s critical processes and identifies inefficiencies. We then utilize the analysis to provide you with insights, create employee solutions and work with you to implement these solutions. As a result, we help to decrease overall costs.


ODPP - Process Improvement
ODPP - Change Management

Change Management

Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations to a desired future state. At OD Performance Partners, we work with the key leaders of an organization to define the change plan. We work with you on communication planning and we coach managers through change. We help to identify the organization’s new vision and create a strategic plan. Once the vision is set and the strategic plan is identified, the various components of change management are then seamed into the operations as the performance improvement systems are implemented.



Culture Change

When a company is faced with change, adversity and executive turnover, many emotions are heightened: anxiety, fear, anger and confusion; they all result in a loss of productivity. While the team at OD Performance Partners is strategically working through the business issues, our organizational development division deploys organizational analysis & business coaches with over 100 years of experience to identify critical issues. We then work with company leaders to develop corrective solutions to resolve the organization's challenges and pain. We clarify the company's vision and then bring accountability, trust and synergy to the operations so the business can achieve its goals and objectives free from the dysfunction that most often exists during times of change.


ODPP - Culture Change
ODPP - Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

OD Performance Partners provides executive coaching that can benefit new leaders who have been added to the team, current leaders who are now in new roles, existing leaders and executives who have been in their roles for some time, and current employees with a high potential to succeed. Our coaching has proven to improve productivity, teamwork, and communication personally and professionally within the organization. Our coaching also improves relationships with direct reports and the executive’s manager. At ODPP, we teach you how to adjust your style to become a more effective leader. Our staff serves as a sounding board with whom executives can freely and confidentially discuss matters.





Talent Management

Talent Management is a set of integrated HR processes within an organization that is designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. The goal of talent management is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.


At OD Performance Partners, we utilize a Proprietary Organizational Psychology Assessment System for all employees. We provide career coaching and identify if an employee’s personality is a good fit for their job and for the organization as a whole. We prepare interviews and conduct behavior assessments. We also provide social media training. With ODPP, the talent management services are ongoing; it’s a continuous process of clarifying and communicating job responsibilities, priorities, performance expectations, and personal + professional growth that improves an individual’s performance and aligns with the organization’s strategic goals.






ODPP - Talent Management
ODPP - New Leader Integration

New Leader Integration

Our new leader integration is used with new hires and recently promoted leaders. It’s a process of acclimating new hires and ensuring that they quickly feel welcomed, and valued by the organization. This process enables new employees to become productive members of the organization, who understand expectations for their job roles, informal rules, priorities, management and team communication styles, and corporate decision making processes. Our integration process significantly improves the odds of success for the new leader and the company, and saves months of missteps by establishing operating rules with the new leader’s manager and subordinates.




Why is Change Important in an Organization?

Any time a company undertakes a major transition of any kind, the organization faces greatly increased risks of costly disruptions to morale, productivity and profits. OD Performance Partners combats these threats with a seasoned organizational development team who all possess advanced degrees in Organizational and Behavioral Psychology. Our team works with leaders to develop multiple mechanisms for changing behavior and improving organizational effectiveness. Without the mechanism to implement the changes required to prepare an organization for any strategic initiative, there are far too many pitfalls that can prevent the organization from successfully changing. It takes having an organizational development team navigating the operations through those changes that have been there before and have a full arsenal of tools to get the job done.

We’re your new partners: welcome to OD Performance Partners!


Mergers & Acquisitions

A major error often made in the marketplace is forcing a merger of two entities when the result will not add value to either. At OD Performance Partners, we recognize that it is often necessary to rebuild market share and increase EBITDA before considering a transaction.


Solution: Create Value at Both Ends


Through Principal Christopher Riley and his proprietary Merger Precision℠ system, ODPP is paving the road for the new Mergers & Acquisitions industry. We bring value to both the buyer and the seller by first improving the performance of the underperforming company and then facilitating a synergistic transaction that benefits both The buyer and the seller. In the case of a merger, we work with both companies, creating a synergistic culture rather than the alternative – culture shock, which is the main cause of why a KPMG study concluded that 83% of cross-border mergers in their study did not add value to the shareholders, and 53% destroyed value. At ODPP, we ensure that the companies are aligned and performing at or near their pinnacle before merging.


ODPP - Mergers and Acquisitions


Mergers & Acquisitions

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