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Client Feedback | We consider our clients partners

At OD Performance Partners, many of our clients remain confidential


for obvious reasons, as the nature of our business requires certain levels of confidentiality. In some instances, our clients have provided us with testimonials and used their own names as well as their company names. In other instances, they requested to be anonymous but have provided their job title or industry.

Robert Williams, President – Williams Patent Crusher Company

Sterling Price came to my organization at a time of significant organizational change.  I was just taking over as head of the company and he played a major role in that transition.  Sterling facilitated the development of our first strategic plan, provided executive coaching for me, brought our department heads together to create a team and instituted process improvements that resulted in major productivity increases.

Former US Attorney, General Counsel

Christopher Riley is a very intelligent and talented CEO who performed admirably in a high pressure and quickly changing environment. He had a tremendous command of accounting and financial issues, and also easily grasped the legal issues assigned to me. Christopher never hesitated in choosing the most ethical option when confronted with choices involving discretion. His leadership style allowed for executives to remain calm and motivated during challenging situations.


Jim Curran, Business Development at Hays Companies

I had the pleasure of working with Sterling Price at CBIZ. Sterling has been a great addition to our internal cross-serving team, as he embodies the spirit, the constructive cooperation and enthusiasm that helps make such a team successful. His wide-scope and long-range vision coupled with his patient, yet purposeful direction would serve quite well in any Managerial or Organizational Development role. His keen insight into personalities, abilities and proper working designs would lend well to any company looking to restructure or grow. I would recommend him to any organization that places great value on both their employees and clientele as he works passionately to serve them both.


Dean C. Miller, Jr., Director of Operations

It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial in regards to Sterling Price.  I have known Sterling as a colleague, customer and friend for over 10 years.  His abilities in human resource consultation, organizational development and in employment training is unmatched by anyone I have known in my 30+ years in the human resource business.  I can truthfully say that I hold my current position because of the mentoring provided me by Sterling and I am forever in his debt.


Robert Fish, Founder and CEO, Strategic Wealth Management Advisors

Christopher Riley had an incredible talent for handling business crisis that threatens the sustainability of the organization.  Christopher’s ability to utilize his diverse skills from financial to management enables his leadership to shine during adversity.  The ethical approach confronted with chaos in an organization allows the employees and executive team to correctly handle any issues that arise.  Amazingly, the larger the company problems, the more Christopher’s skills excel.


John Landers, MBA, MSA, Accountant

Sterling Price is the most effective, resourceful, and multi-talented executive I have had the pleasure to work with in my 20+ years in the business world. His problem solving skills are unparalleled, allowing him to find win-win solutions to very difficult problems, and he has always maintained the highest standards of ethical behavior. It has been a privilege to know and work with him.


Michael Burroughs, Executive Recruiter, Coach and Integration Expert, Author of BEFORE ONBOARDING: How to Integrate New Leaders...

It was my distinct pleasure to have worked alongside Sterling Price while we were both at Spectrum Healthcare Services (he was working in one of our divisions). Sterling is an accomplished and knowledgeable HR executive with a particular strength in the area of organization development. We collaborated on many projects and I mentored him in OD areas. Sterling was designated in succession planning as someone who could replace me and I was glad to work closely with him to prepare him for such a role. He gave as much as he got. He has good judgment and his ideas are solid. He is a highly ethical individual and a great teammate.


Senator, Attorney at Law

I admired Christopher Riley’s tenacity.  In the midst of extremely challenging circumstances, he applied an immense amount of intensity toward the crises that were flying at him daily … I did not see Christopher shying away from confronting head-on whatever difficult issue was looming. He has a dairyman’s work ethic.


Ed Hinders, AIF, Specializing in Retirement Plan Consulting, Investment Advisory & Fiduciary Governance Solutions at CBIZ

It is my pleasure to recommend Sterling Price. We worked together at CBIZ where I grew to respect his integrity, sincerity and work ethic. As part of a small business development team, made up of leaders from different disciplines, Sterling was always looking for ways to help our team members and to contribute in a positive manner. His record speaks for itself. Find an opportunity to meet Sterling. You will be glad you did


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